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Laugh and Learn Early Learning Centre was designed from the ground up in 2011. The centre effectively exceeds all new-age council regulations and advocates a large amount of natural lighting designed throughout the entire centre. Our professional and dedicated carers provide a program that enables children to learn through exploration and sensory experiences. We believe with the right environment, Kids will always blossom. We strive to create an environment that provides a fun, enjoyable and creative outlet for our little munchkins. Laugh and Learn also offers support for children with disabilities, aswell as for people from diverse speaking backgrounds. We actively incoporate sensory play into our week, and have since had a number of fantastic outcomes as a result of this. Our early learning classrooms are divided into the following 3 categories. Laugh and learn early learning centre is dedicated to providing a safe caring and fun environment where children can choose from a wide variety of exciting activities, games, interactive and social play.  Our dedicated staff look forward to speaking with you and your child. If you have any questions, please contact Luisa on 9525 5299 Warm regards,